About Rodeo Heritage Foundation

Lost Dutchman Days - Rodeo Heritage Foundation

The Rodeo Heritage Foundation’s mission is to provide support and education to those in and out of the western industry.

Purpose Built on Passion

Founded by Creator, Author, and Entrepreneur, Krysta Paffrath, the Rodeo Heritage Foundation is launching with the goal of supporting rodeos of all sizes, across the country. With over 10 years of experience in rodeo committees and building businesses, there is a lot of crossover knowledge that committees can benefit from. In addition, we also want to help small businesses in the industry as well.

Who we Serve

Here at RHF, we believe that community is everything. We aim to do that by providing a platform for rodeo committees, businesses, organizations, and individuals to learn and grow together. Together, we can help build up the western industry for generations to come. Here at the Rodeo Heritage Foundation, our goal is to provide services and programs that support the sustainability of rodeo for years to come. You will find us serving the following groups, with more to come!

  • Rodeo Committees
  • Businesses in the Western Industry
  • Local Communities

What we Offer

While we build out our partnership network, we will be offering marketing and operations consulting. Most of the consulting can be done virtually. We also understand and respect that some folks want to meet in person, we can do that too! In addition to consulting for rodeo committees and businesses, we will also be launching our membership program in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Rodeo Heritage Foundation Memberships

We will have more information on memberships coming soon! In the meantime, if you’re interested in what we are doing and want to be on our waiting list, there will be a special promotion for the first round of memberships offered. So drop your email and stay tuned to see what we have coming!