NFR Round 9 Results

Here are the NFR Round 9 Results, Winners, and rodeo standings for the ninth night of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo!

Bareback Riding: Caleb Bennett | 88-point ride on Rafter H Rodeo Livestock’s Medicine Show

Caleb is currently sitting number six in the world standings and has been fighting for that spot even though he’s been battling injury after injury this week. Unfortunately, with Caleb battling injuries and about a $90K difference from the leader, he will need to regroup and come back stronger next year for a shot at the championship or average winner spot. As far as who is going to win it all tonight, we are pretty sure that Kaycee Feild has this year in the bag. Let us know what you think!

World Standings Results for Bareback Riding

  1. Kaycee Feild | $279,912.08
  2. Jess Pope | $244,267.84
  3. Tim O’Connell | $192,907.91
  4. Tilden Hooper | $192,417.55
  5. Cole Reiner | $190,186.54

Steer Wrestling: Stetson Jorgensen, Jesse Brown, Stockton Graves and Tyler Waguespack | Tied with 3.9 seconds

I’m personally not sure if four steer wrestlers have ever won first place in a round, but their victory lap was something to get a chuckle from. As far as standings, the number one spot is really going to be between Jacob Talley and Tyler Waguespack. In the third position is Dirk Tavener but he’s behind by about $40K so he would need to be the round winner tonight if he wants to change that placing. And there’s a whopping $100 between the number one and number two spot, so the boys will need to be on their A-Game to secure a World Championship tonight.

World Standings Results for Steer Wrestling

  1. Tyler Waguespack | $217,508.66
  2. Jacob Talley | $217,391.47
  3. Dirk Tavenner | $177,892.60
  4. Will Lummus | $167,612.93
  5. Riley Duvall | $148,132.04

Team Roping: Cody Snow/Wesley Thorp and Coleman Proctor/Logan Medlin | Tied with 3.5 seconds

We had two rounds winners tonight, which has been a pretty regular occurrence this year it seems like. Once again, this is such a tight race, there is only about a 20K difference in the top three in the world and one win (or loss) could change it all.

World Standings Results for Team Roping Headers

  1. Kaleb Driggers | $218,812.30
  2. Dustin Egusquiza | $200,406.13
  3. Clay Smith | $190,675.24
  4. Rhen Richard | $175,598.73
  5. Clay Tryan | $174,573.08

World Standings Results for Team Roping Heelers

  1. Junior Nogueria | $233,197.40
  2. Jade Corkill | $190,675.24
  3. Travis Graves | $179,759.47
  4. Jake Long | $175,548.60
  5. Jeremy Buhler | $$174,565.65

Tie-Down Roping: Haven Meged | 7.3 seconds

This is Haven’s second round win for this year’s NFR. He is currently sitting in the number three position in the standings with less than $10,000 between him and the number one spot. It’s only speculation but the World Champion is going to have placed at least first or second in order to secure that top spot. Your guess is as good as mine in this event!

World Standings Results for Tie Down

  1. Shane Hanchey | $241,686.01
  2. Caleb Smidt | $237,900.12
  3. Haven Meged | $233,024.40
  4. Westyn Hughes | $215,401.19
  5. Shad Mayfield | $195,909.77

Saddle Bronc: Brody Cress | 91 Point Ride on Summit Pro Rodeo’s Kangaroo Lou

Brody is currently sitting third in the World Standings with $256,511 and leads the average with 772 points. There is currently only about $15000 between Ryder and Stetson for the first place position. If you have any guesses on who will take the win tonight, let us know below!

World Standings Results for Saddle Bronc Riding

  1. Stetson Wright | $309,995.05
  2. Ryder Wright | $295,962.68
  3. Brody Cress | $256,511.39
  4. Chase Brooks | $189,467.41
  5. Zeke Thurston | $177,948.07

Barrel Racing: Stevi Hillman & Jordan Briggs | 13.49 seconds

Hillman’s win allowed her to cross the $1 million mark in career earnings. Hailey Kinsel still leads the number one spot in the barrel racing.

Bull Riding: Braden Richardson | 89-point ride on Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics’ Bouchon

Braden was able to snag an 89 on Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics’ Bouchon, making this his first round win this year at the NFR. Richardson is currently sitting 13 in the standings, making it a tough year but we are looking forward to seeing where this cowboy goes in 2022. As far as ideas on who will snag the number one spot tonight, it’s really between Stetson and Sage. Sage needs to ride tonight’s bull and Stetson also has to ride in order to keep their spots. It really depends on the draw tonight!

World Standings Update for Bull Riding

  1. Sage Kimzey | $345,496.90
  2. Stetson Wright | $310,331.48
  3. Josh Frost | $264,291.11
  4. Parker Breding | $237,248.28
  5. Creek Young | $210,336.04

A huge congratulations to all the winners from last night’s performance, we can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table for the final night here at the WNFR. See y’all there! Did you miss NFR Round 8 Results? Catch them here!

About the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2021

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is a 10-day super bowl for the rodeo and western industry. After a long year, the NFR 2021 is back in Las Vegas! If you aren’t excited, you should be because the cowboys are taking over Vegas December 2-11, 2021. Taking place at the good ole Thomas and Mack Center, fans and athletes alike are more than ready to see who will be named your 2021 NFR Champions. Keep checking in to find results from every day as well as the PRCA rodeo schedule for 2022. We are thrilled to be able to be on the ground covering the NFR.

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