Rodeo 101: Who is Miss Rodeo America?

To be an ambassador and an official spokesperson for the PRCA and Western lifestyle is no simple task, but each year a new Miss Rodeo America is crowned and takes on this prestigious duty with a smile on her face. The woman who is chosen for this role always possesses the perfect balance of charm, horsemanship ability, and love for serving the community, all while engaging rodeo spectators and turning them into life-long fans of the sport.

First and foremost, Miss Rodeo America promotes the sport of rodeo. The queens who hold this prestigious title travel thousands of miles to participate in PRCA rodeos and other events all across the country, serving as a figure of both beauty and grace in and out of the arena. Whether they’re speaking at an engagement, educating those who may be unaware of the rodeo world, or at a rodeo carrying the flag of the United States, Miss Rodeo America aims to continue to elevate our industry.

Credit to Miss Rodeo America Facebook Page

MRA 2019, Taylor McNair, did a fantastic job promoting our sport, even making an appearance in Australia at the famous Warwick Rodeo representing the USA! At your average rodeo, there are always newcomers to the sport, and it is Miss Rodeo America’s duty as the ambassador for the PRCA to put her best foot forward to make life-long fans out of these individuals in order to help our industry continue to grow.

Crowds always like to feel included, and one of the many great parts of rodeo is that it is a highly inclusive sport, and this is in part thanks to the work of incredible, prominent rodeo queens who take the time to meet audiences and answer questions that they might have about the rodeo and Western lifestyle. MRA takes her duty to serve the community very seriously and frequently volunteers her time to support and promote various organizations. Miss Rodeo America 2019, Taylor McNair, participated in nursing home tours, visited local military bases, and made appearances at schools during her reign as the ambassador for the PRCA.

Credit to Miss Rodeo America Facebook Page

The Miss Rodeo America Pageant is a premier event that coincides with the WNFR. Eligible state rodeo queens are allowed to participate in the pageant and have to complete a written test, demonstrate their horsemanship skills, give a speech, show off their personality, and be judged on how photogenic they are, and make appearances. It is no simple task to win the coveted title, and contestants spend many hours preparing themselves for their chance at becoming PRCA’s official spokesperson.

At the culmination of the pageant, various titles such as “Appearance” and “Congeniality” are awarded and the new Miss Rodeo America is crowned. Representing PRCA rodeo in 2022 is the talented Hailey Fredrickson, the 24-year-old daughter of Trevin and Megan Frederiksen, represented the Centennial State as Miss Rodeo Colorado 2020-2021. Hailey enjoys riding horses, barrel racing, breakaway roping, and dancing.

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